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    Technology in the area of microprocessors changes every day. Newer, smaller, faster microprocessors are constantly being released. Fifty years ago there wasn't anything as powerful as the pocket calculator of today. Now microprocessors have become a part of everyday life. That new car you drive to school is powered by a microprocessor; so is the pager you use, the microwave you cook with, and the Nintendo you play on. Microprocessors have been integrated into almost every aspect of life. There is no end to the abilities of the microprocessor, and the uses can only grow in number.
    Companies are working hard around the clock to upgrade their current microprocessors, and to increase their current technologies. It would not be possible to name all the companies that are doing this, but here is a few of the major ones, and some of the best of what they are currently producing:

1. Intel- Pentium Pro II, Pentium Pro, Pentium MMX
2. Cyrix- 6x86 188 mhz, Media GX
3. IBM- PowerPC 604e 250 mhz
4. SUN Microsystems UltraSPARCTM-II 300 mhz
5. Motorola- PowerPC 603e 300-, 275- and 250 mhz
6. AMD- K6 233 mhz
7. Digital Equipment Corporation- Alpha 21164 600 mhz
8. Quantum Effect Design- RM5260 150mhz
9. Centaur Technology- IDT-C6 200 MHz
10. Evergreen- Overdrive 586/133
11. Kingsford Technology- Turbochip 133
12. Nintendo- N64 Processor
13. Macintosh- 9600/233

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